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Web Content Management Systems

Display Your Updated Inventory On-line

Web Content Management Systems

Our customized content (inventory, events, or any display that you would like to update frequently) management systems involve 3 steps:

  1. We create management pages: these are password protected pages where you can add to, modify or remove content. You can enter an inventory item, event, text description to display, pricing if appropriate, and images. Because this is customized, we can add any additional display items you want or need.
  2. We create and host database tables to hold the above information
  3. We create webpages to display the above information. These can be designed for you, or they can be created using stylesheets from your site so they blend naturally with the rest of your site.

Inventory display pageWe expertly create and host customized pages allowing you to update and display custom data online. You can also link to our hosted inventory display pages from your pre-existing site; we can even use your own style sheets so that your inventory pages flow seamlessly from pages hosted elsewhere, or we can create an entirely new site for you.

We host inventory management pages for clients who want to display frequently updated inventory for motorcycles, motorhomes, autos, machine parts, furniture, tiles, boats and boating accessories, to name a few.

Clients who use our self-managed database pages can also use them for updating events or classes, expositions, news items, coupons, membership lists, photo galleries, classified ads, food menus and any other items that may be time-sensitive or updated frequently.


E-Commerce Services

Miva E-Commerce Solutions

Secure on-line e-commerce transactions

As a Miva Merchant provider. we can help you build a thriving online store. Miva merchant is flexible, reliable, expandable and easy to use. It has comprehensive features that are just as easy to use for a new online business as they are for the most demanding e-commerce expert.

Miva Merchant offers an advanced catalog, customer and order management system, with integrated credit card processing and shipping calculation. There is also an expansive list of add-on modules so you can customize your online catalog for our needs, easy to use password protected catalog management pages, and of course our customer support is just a phone call away.

We offer several gateway solutions pre-configured. And, it runs on our secure server, so you can be assured your information, as well as that of your customers, is protected.


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